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The Gold Red Spotted Severum is a perfect center piece fish for a freshwater aquarium. They love tannin in their water and are sensitive to nitrite and ammonia. They prefer a well panted tank with slow moving waters.

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The Yellow Watchman Goby is a great addition to a nano set-up. They love sandy substrate with plenty of places to hide. One reason they are high in demand is their symbiotic relationship with pistol shrimps!

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The Von Rio Tetra is also known as the Flame Tetra, and you can see why. This peaceful fish is best in groups of six or more and will do great in a community aquarium. They prefer slower moving waters and enjoy a large variety of foods

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This beautiful creature is known as the Christmas Wrasse. Easy to care for, reef friendly and peaceful. While it may only grow to 5", 50+ gals would be best as an adult. This wrasse is great to control pets like fireworms, pyramidellid sails, and flatworms. Known to be a cleaner fish for you other tank occupants.

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The Bamboo Shrimp. mesmerizing to watch, slow motion at the end.

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The Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse: reef safe, friendly, and beautiful.

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