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Since 1986 we have strived to create a unique aquarium and pond experience.  We want to thank all of our loyal customers who have helped us become one of the largest stores in the country.  This site is dedicated to the local store and our customers.  For complete aquarium, pond products, and national sales, please visit our main site at Aquariumconnection.com.  We will continue Serving customers the best combination of quality Service and Price……… Because success is their objective

Freshwater and Saltwater shipments came in today. Many more plants and fish still coming this week. We will
Post some videos tomorrow

More floating pond plants are here. Make sure you see the water poppy, water lettuce 2 types and hyacinths

The local store will be closed on Sunday for Mothers Day. This will allow our great moms who work so hard a needed rest and our other staff to see their moms. See you again on Tuesday.