About Us

Welcome to Aquarium

Aquarium, Tennessee’s most established and largest pond, reef, and fish store, was founded in 1986. One of the first stores to quarantine and medicate fish prior to selling in the United States, we know what it takes to keep fish healthy. Unmatched experience with advanced filtration methods and an international reputation for quality ensure the success of our customers.  The aquarium can provide an aquarium to meet your size and space requirements.  Our knowledgeable staff can work with your contractors if you are building a home, want your aquarium in a wall, or need custom cabinetry.  New construction or an existing home, we can create the aquatic centerpiece of your dreams!

With the help of our professional staff and 30 years of experience, you can choose the type of aquatic environment that suits you.  You may choose from a beautiful artificial reef with lots of active fish and bright decorations, a more natural approach of using live rock to create a true living reef, or an ultimate planted freshwater aquarium.

State-of-the-Art Filtration: We will design a filtration system to meet the needs of each individual aquarium.  Professionally built and installed components are essential for the health of the tank inhabitants and to maintain the beauty and stability of the aquarium itself.  Specially designed biological filters, pumps, protein skimmers, ultraviolet sterilizers, and ozone generators can all increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.

Beautiful  Livestock: Aquarium has a fantastic selection of healthy and colorful fish and invertebrates that we will deliver and acclimate to your new system.  Our experienced staff can help you choose the specimens that best fit your interests and system, allowing you to watch your aquarium become the lovely attraction you have always wanted.  No matter what your preference is, we will gladly meet your expectations.